January 05, 2010

Friends in the Business: Lucy and Ethel's Cakes

Given the recent uptick in the number of baking shows, like Food Network's Ace of Cakes or TLC's Cake Boss, I thought I'd share my own favorite cake business: Lucy and Ethel's Cakes, based in West Hartford, CT.

Lucy and Ethel's Cakes, started last year by co-founders Lindsey and Nancy, is serving a pretty cool niche in the greater Hartford area. Having gone through the experience themselves, Lindsey and Nancy decided to start a business that would cater to parents whose children are away at school. Looking for a basket of homemade, brilliantly-decorated goodies for your son or daughter who's pining away at school, but too far away/too tired/too bad at baking to do it yourself? Lucy and Ethel's is the answer.

Below are two of my favorites from their "Cakes" gallery on Lucy and Ethel's Facebook page:

A pretty sweeeeet birthday cake.

An elegant, beautifully-colored birthday cake for a teen's birthday.

In addition to doing cakes for any occasion, Lucy and Ethel's will deliver batches of homemade cupcakes, baskets of homemade brownies or cookies, or healthy snacks to your student's dorm.

In my next post, I'll walk you through a lesson one of the co-founders taught me this holiday season:

how to decorate cupcakes!

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