June 21, 2009

The Plan

So, I know how to boil water. I've cooked fish (more on that later) and roasted a chicken (that, too). I even know a thing or two about beets. But what I don't know is what some foodies will call "cuisine"--the finer points of cooking. Which vegetable goes best with sole? Does it really matter if I cook with cheap wine instead of a $20 bottle? Do I really have to let cookie dough sit for 24 hours before baking (talk about delayed gratification)?

I'm a teacher, so I'll explain this blog in terms of a lesson plan.

My objective? To teach myself how to cook, building on what I've learned from my parents and from, y'know, some time spent watching FoodNetwork.

How will I achieve this objective? Lots of practice. I promise to share both my mistakes (of which there will be many, I guarantee you) and my successes, with lots of photos and details for both.

How will I know when I've achieved my objective? When I can open the fridge, peek into a couple of cabinets, and make a delicious, multi-faceted meal that doesn't consist of pasta and Trader Joe's Three Cheese Marinara sauce (which, by the way, is the Best. Tomato. Sauce. Ever.). Several wonderful adults in my life can do this, and it never ceases to amaze me.

So read on. I'll share recipes, stories, facts, rants, and Embarrassing Moments in Food (like the Great Exploding Lobster, or the Canned Cranberry Sauce Catastrophe). Enjoy!

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