July 26, 2009

Borough Market: The Most Magical Place on Earth

Forget Disney. London's Borough Market is the most magical place on Earth. A farmer's market on steroids, the Borough Market features the amazing Monmouth coffee, fresh produce, meats, pies, juices, jams, chocolates--you name it, you can find it here.

The best part? Free samples at almost every stall. The cheese vendors are particularly generous with their samples, which just reinforces the gloriousness of this place. If you're clever, you can eat a whole meal for free at Borough Market, just on samples alone. Hands down, my favorite samples of the day were 1) rose water jellies, 2) aged Gouda, and 3) black and white truffle oil with fresh bread.

I've included some photos below so that you, too, can share in the glory of Borough Market. If you're ever in London on a weekend, you owe it to yourself to brave the crowds (which you can avoid if you go early in the morning) and experience this lovely place.

One of Borough Market's juice bars, where you can enjoy such treats as a wheat grass, apple, and mint smoothie.

Fresh peppers...this gives me a giant gazpacho craving.

Jealous, New England? Cool tomato virus.

Imagine all the vampires you could kill with all this garlic.

While the exterior makes it look like a tree trunk, I promise that it is the most delicious blue cheese in the world.

Apparently, England has lost about 90% of its cherry orchards in the last 50 years. Check out Cherry Aid, an initiative begun by FoodLoversBritain.com to remedy this issue.

That's it for now! We're leaving for Santorini on Tuesday, and I'll be sure to write about the delicious Greek food we encounter soon.

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