July 19, 2009

Cupboard Cleanout: Herbed Brown Rice "Risotto"

Cleaning out my cupboards has turned out to be a delicious undertaking. I've continued to go to the store for fresh fruit and milk, but have been really good about cooking only what I have in the house.

One of my main concerns was how to use up the frozen food I had, as most storage units do not feature a complimentary freezer (who knew?). In particular, I hated the idea of throwing out good homemade chicken stock. In addition to the stock, I had about a cup of brown rice left, some fresh dill that needed a job, and some delicious pecorino that I broke down and bought at Whole Foods last week.

The result of these ingredients was my Herbed Brown Rice Risotto with Shaved Pecorino. It had the double benefit of being delicious and requiring that I buy absolutely zero new ingredients. Food win!

Herbed Brown Rice Risotto with Shaved Pecorino
  • One cup of brown rice (I prefer short grain)
  • One cup of chicken stock (homemade if you have it!)
  • One cup of water
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • Dill, to taste (preferably fresh)
  • Pecorino cheese (or Parmesan...or any cheese)
1. In a medium pot over high heat, bring stock, water, and olive oil just to a boil. For a stronger "stock" flavor, skip the water and just add two cups of stock.
2. Stir in rice and some dill (saving some for the garnish). Reduce heat to low-medium. Let simmer for 25-30 minutes, or until liquid has been absorbed.
3. Once the risotto has been plated, use a vegetable peeler to shave pecorino (or your choice of cheese) over the top. Sprinkle more fresh dill over that.
4. Bask in the glow of a successful cupboard cleanout.

**Possible substitutions: vegetable stock for chicken stock, almost any herb for dill, almost any cheese for pecorino.

The bottom line: the savory flavor of the risotto will blend nicely with almost any addition. This can be eaten as a meal (if you're me) or a side dish; the brown rice is a healthy choice either way. Enjoy!

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  1. My father has pointed out that what I made was not actually real risotto, which is a process of making rice that involves first coating the rice with butter or oil, then adding white wine, and then adding broth slowly and stirring continuously. Forgive me, foodies, for I have misnamed. "Herbed brown rice risotto" just sounds much better than "brown rice soaked in chicken stock," don't you think?