February 09, 2010

Baking: My (Really Late) New Year's Resolution

So, I'm not much of a baker, for two reasons. One: I'm impatient, and baking takes time. Two: I don't do precision well, and baking takes precision.

I did, however, spend all of Sunday baking treats for T's roommates, who spent the weekend snowed into a teeny tiny cell of a room. The feminist in me hates to confirm gender stereotypes, but it's nice to support the troops when they've been stuck with no decent food for a whole weekend (seriously, the military needs to work on the quality of its food...talk about a morale-killer).

Given this recent baking binge, I've been thinking about expanding my Kittchen adventures to the realm of the rolling pin and trying recipes more challenging than a box of pumpkin bread mix from Trader Joe's (really good, by the way). Again, I'm concerned about my impatience and lack of precision, but hey, maybe it'll make me a better person. Once I become an all-star baker, I'll suddenly be more patient when I come to class and half my students haven't bothered to print the papers that are due (oh wait, no...that'll always be infuriating).

I knew it was my destiny to be a better baker when I came to class yesterday and one of my students had three triangles of homemade baklava waiting for me (is it ethical to give her an A just for that?). If she can manage puff pastry while she juggles homework and practice and being a teenager, I can do it too, by golly! Yes, I said by golly.

I'll be sure to report my inevitable Kitchen Fails and potential Kitchen Wins soon. Of course, my foray into baking comes at the same time as my training for the Monument Avenue 10k, so hopefully it'll all even out and I won't gain a billion pounds. We'll see.

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