February 04, 2010

Kitchen Fail: Coconut Rice

I thought I'd share a recent Kitchen Fail with you: Coconut Rice. Yes, you're right: making rice is one of the easiest things to do. Yes, you're right: making coconut rice is pretty much just as easy.

And yet...I still managed to mess it up. The reason? I was over-confident. I didn't look up any recipes to give myself a set of guidelines, so I didn't know that, when you make coconut rice, you use coconut milk and water. I thought you just kinda switched out the water altogether for coconut milk, and, as a result, my rice ended up burning, a few times, and turned out looking a lot like greasy vomit (really).

In doing some research for this post, I discovered several recipes for coconut rice (including this one for Arroz con Coco) that don't call for water...which (along with the dark brown burnt color of my rice) tells me that I had the head up too high for this to work without water.

It's not often that I just throw away a Kitchen Fail--usually, even if it tastes funky or looks creepy, I'll suffer through it. But this Coconut Rice was simultaneously so burnt and so slimy that I just...couldn't. The garbage disposal got it all, and even it sounded pretty cranky about it.

While I'm a little embarrassed about messing up something so easy, I felt I had to share, because this episode just reminds me that, even with all the progress I'm making, there are still a lot of things I can't do. Like, y'know, look up a few recipes for some guidelines before I cook something I've never made before.

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