March 29, 2010

Proof: Elimination Diet Food is Good Food

I'd like to use this post to show all the naysayers or the people who are afraid to take the elimination diet plunge that it's possible to eat well on this diet. Case in point, my dinner on Saturday night:

Rosemary and garlic-rubbed lamb chops, roasted golden beets, sweet potatoes, and onions, and brown rice salad with pea shoots, celery, and avocado. It. Was. Good.

Except, of course, for the part where I undercooked the lamb chops because I was afraid of how much smoke was coming out of the frying pan since I had to cook them over high heat (next time, lower heat). I followed this lamb chop recipe as a base, and then added the rosemary and garlic on a recommendation from one of Jackie's recipes (which requires a grill, which I do not have).

T and I were about five minutes into dinner when he pointed out, as sweet as pie, that the lamb was still totally raw in the center. Of course. So I cut each chunk of lamb meat off the bone and threw the pieces into a frying pan over medium heat for about a minute, and they were fine. They tasted great, in the end, but I wish I had nailed them the first time (that's what she said?).

This week begins a no-meat phase of the elimination diet. Shouldn't be too bad, as I can't afford to buy meat that regularly in the first place (P.S. lamb chops are expensive!). Now, let's see how many ways I can cook chickpeas in the next few days...

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