April 15, 2010

Avoiding Military Food: Part Three

I'm pleased to report further success in the military food avoidance mission T and I have undertaken.

The one problem with the Kashi frozen dinners T's been eating (his favorites are Chicken Pasta Pomodoro and Red Curry Chicken) is that they're not all that filling. So I wanted to come up with some solution that would give him a more satisfying meal without forcing him to eat a PB&J on top of the frozen dinner.

Despite what I think is a very unappetizing name, the Green Giant Fresh Valley Steamers line has provided a perfect addition to T's non-chow hall meals. The vegetables come in special bags that can be microwaved, so you can have nicely steamed veggies for dinner every night as long as you have a freezer and a microwave.

This is the perfect supplement to T's meals, allowing him to get some good nutrients without having to pay much. His favorite so far has been the Sugar Snap Peas.

I've also started making up a batch of cilantro pesto every weekend, which he takes back and eats as a dip with crackers and bread throughout the week. It keeps all week long in the fridge, and it's probably a better snack choice than chips and dip.

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