May 07, 2010

Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana

I don't actually remember the joke that leads up to that punchline, but I do remember hating it when I was younger. Really hating it. I think it was a knock-knock joke. I can feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about it.

Either way, this is a short post to show off the beautiful citrus trees my aunt and uncle have at their house in Alpine (near San Diego). I'm dreaming of real, fresh citrus just looking at them!

My Aunt D was wondering what to do with the unfair amount of grapefruits she has growing right now, and I suggested grapefruit guacamole, which I tried earlier this year (thanks to my friend C) and absolutely loved.

I'm going through an obsession with the color orange right now, and this doesn't help. It may or may not be my desktop picture at this time.

This is the one that really makes me want to fly back to the West Coast. It also gives me great inspiration to try growing my own (geographically possible) fruits and veggies as soon as I land in a place with a yard. Right now, it'd be pretty tough to make anything grow on my apartment's mini-porch.

Did you know that no word rhymes with orange? I gave one of my favorite students a poetry prompt last year that began "you try rhyming with orange," and she wrote one of her best poems of the year. I'm a genius. And oranges are great.


  1. Orange you glad you like citrus?

  2. I don't know how mini your mini-porch is, but I've had great success with EarthBox. I've only done tomatoes and peppers, but they've both done beautifully.

    AND, thank god, the fact that we can put it on the deck means we can mostly avoid the deer eating them. Because they eat everything.


  3. There are tabletop citrus trees available. I've seen lemon and lime but am unsure about oranges. Occasionally a shop with specialty plants will have them in RVA but there's always mail order!