May 20, 2010

Treats to Try: A Sandwich, a Rule, and a Sausage

I've been a pretty serious delinquent about posting recently. Part of the reason is that my camera transfer cable is lost in a pile of crap in my room, thus preventing me from posting photos of my banana bread fail and my enchilada fail. But the bigger part of the reason is that it's the end of the school year and my time is not my own.

Please accept this photo of a cow and a dolphin as a token of apology.

And here, until I find my camera cable and can show you some disasters I've made recently, is another installment of Treats to Try.

1) First, there's this recipe for a Satay-Spiced Peanut Butter Sandwich. Can I just say YUM? This feels like a way more sophisticated version of a PB&J, and I love the idea of adding sprouts for crunch. The only thing I do not approve of are the raw onions, but that's just because I'm a teacher and am very afraid of having teacher breath.

2) I've come up with a really good rule for sticking to diets/resolutions to lose weight/goals of looking hotter. Here it is: You don't deserve it.

Think about it. Unless you can find a diet that allows you to eat bacon dipped in mayonnaise, the whole point of a diet is denying yourself some of your guilty pleasures (unless your guilty pleasure is celery, and then we shouldn't be friends). And it's so easy, once you've started to feel a little healthier/lose a few pounds/convince yourself that your ass looks better in those pants, to feel like you've earned a treat.

Well you haven't. Indulging in one treat is setting yourself on a slippery slope (you know the routine: "well I already ruined today by having a doughnut, so what's a bag of popcorn on top of it?"), and it's going to undo all those days of hard work you've put in. So put that cookie back on the Faculty Treat table, and walk away. Can you tell that now we're talking about me?

Of course, I haven't figured out a way to stop indulging in treats. But when I do, look out. I'm going to be so skinny I'll have to sleep in an envelope.

3. Speaking of being skinny, you have to try this sausage. Normally, I wouldn't choose sausage for dinner, and I get freaked out when people order it at sporting events or from street carts. However, Trader Joe's Basil Pesto Chicken and Turkey Sausage is another matter entirely. Even if it smells a little bit too much like the Stoner Parade is marching through your kitchen while cooking, the sausage itself is delicious. I tried it paired with roasted cherry tomatoes and baked sweet potato chips, and the flavors all worked wonderfully together.

That's all for now, my chickadees. I promise to share my Kitchen Fails with you soon!

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