August 26, 2010

Cake Pop Obsession

Now, I'm not a baker. I've only just started to get a handle on cooking, and I didn't have the proper equipment during my first two years after college to do it without spending hours preparing doughs, etc. I'd love to say that I'm tough and I don't need appliances to do what bakers have been doing since the first loaf of bread, but I'm not, and I do.

But living in the semi-headquarters of a cake company all summer has gotten me really excited to start baking once T and I have settled at Camp Lejeune. My registry is pretty heavy on the kitchen side, and I've already received the Cuisinart and Kitchen-Aid mixer that will make baking a lot more pleasant.

The first thing I'm making? CAKE POPS!

I have some idea of how to make cake pops, but it definitely feels like the type of thing I'll need to try a few times before it comes out looking like something you'd want to eat. There's also a lot of multitasking involved, because I'll have to make the cake, temper the chocolate, etc. at roughly the same time. And I think we all know multitasking is something I'm working on.

The first cake pop recipe I found was from The Kitchn, and I kept meaning to make some for my lacrosse team, but always got bogged down reading essays (ugh). I don't foresee having the time to learn to make cake pops before the wedding happens (37 days asd;lkfadf;aos), but they'll be the first thing on my list for when T's Marines need a pick me up this fall.


  1. You don't need to temper the chocolate.
    I don't get chocolate melts where I live, so I make my cake pops by mixing cake-crumbs (I make the cake a day in advance) with a favorite frosting recipe. And then I form them into balls, refrigerate for a couple of hours till ready to dip/overnight..

    For the coating - you can use a bag of chocolate chips, melted in a double boiler with a tbsp of shortening. Dip the cold cake balls into the chocolate and then lay them on waxed paper to set.

    The chocolate doesn't set as well as the candy melts would, but at least it tastes better!

    If the weather is cool enough, I sometimes dip them in ganache. Delicious.

    Of course, they look nothing like bakerella creations, but they are to die for!

  2. I have no missed doing my homework for 30 minutes because I have been sucked into the world of cakepops. I know what I'm making this weekend!