November 12, 2010

GROW: Thanksgiving Special

I've had some awesome submissions sent to me for the next installment of Gross Recipe of the Week, so I thought I'd offer a special Thanksgiving compilation for your viewing pleasure.

First, we have the Cherpumple, Charles Phoenix's creation that he has called "the turducken of desserts":

I don't...I don't even know. I do wish there was a top layer of coconut cake around a key lime pie. That would really make it perfect, don't you think?

Next, we have good ol' Paula Deen, the Goddess of GROW, showing us how to deep-fry cheesecake:

My favorite is when she adds the "vegetable" at the end. Or maybe my favorite is when she goes cross-eyed from how good the deep-fried cheesecake is.

Our last feature is another one from the Paula Deen Hall of Fame...the Heart Attack Burger:

The first time I heard about this one, it was during an interview with Paula Deen on NPR. I almost drove off the road when she listed the ingredients, but I have to admit that I'm a little curious. If she's using Krispy Kremes, I bet it's actually delicious.

It's almost Thanksgiving, which means strapping on the elastic waistbands and digging in for sixteenth helpings. And maybe even some deep-fried pumpkin pie. In the meantime, go eat a salad.

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