November 18, 2010

Jackpot: Bittman's Thanksgiving Cooking Videos

We all know I'm obsessed with Mark Bittman. Before I cook a new ingredient or dish, I almost always turn to one of his cookbooks for guidance, whether it be a recipe, a technique, or just an idea that I use to jumpstart my own recipe. I think this stems from the fact that, as I started to teach myself to cook, I leaned heavily on Bittman's cooking videos as a source of inspiration and encouragement.
And now there's Bittman's Thanksgiving Cooking Video gallery on the NYT site, waiting for me as I prepare to tackle Thanksgiving. Given the fact that this is my first Thanksgiving, and that I've already experienced some Kitchen Fails during my practice rounds, having a little stash of Bittman videos will definitely help me feel better.
I'm definitely going to try his stir-fried sweet potatoes, because I just bought a 30 lb. bag from a farmstand near my house and am in need of all the sweet potato recipes I can find.

T and I are still working on our Thanksgiving menu...which really just means that I've asked T to make a list of things he can't possibly live without (pumpkin pie, for example), so that I know how much wiggle room I have to try new sides and desserts. Happy [almost] Thanksgiving!

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