December 06, 2010

Holiday Cookie Roundup: The Web is Your Oyster

There's really no excuse not to bake something delicious for someone you love this holiday season. With websites like the New York Times, Food Network, Whole Foods, and Martha Stewart throwing together gigantic compilations of holiday cookie recipes, it's never been easier to come up with something delicious.
I'm attending my first cookie swap (like I said before, EXTREME HOUSEWIFERY) in a week and a half, and am trying to decide which kind of cookie I'll make. Right now, I'm leaning towards Martha's Lemon Icebox Cookies, but I'm also considering this linzer cookie recipe.
There's also a part of me that wants to make some DELICIOUS gluten-free, dairy-free cookie so that I can show all the wives that there's more to baking than meets the eye. But...but...butter is just such a great cookie ingredient...I don't know if I have gluten-free holiday treats in me right now. But if you're looking for gluten-free holiday cookie recipes, check out the Gluten-Free Goddess, or Gluten-Free Girl and The Chef for some ideas.

It is my strong belief that there's no answer (or recipe inspiration) you can't find on the internet, and I think holiday cookie recipes are a great example of this truth. I haven't even gotten to page three of Google's results, and I've already got five great ideas in mind. Now all I need to do is come up with a list of worthy cookie recipients. I'll send some cookies to my grandmother...drop some off with T's platoon...I'll bring some to the cookie swap...HOORAY HOLIDAYS!

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  1. Real Simple magazine also has fantastic cookie recipes that are, well, real simple! Last year I tweaked a lemon glaze recipe a bit and made clementine flavored cookies as part of my Christmas cookie presents.