June 07, 2011

Taciturn Tuesdays: A Simple Summer Dessert

In an attempt to make myself start posting with a bit more frequency, I'm beginning a series called Taciturn Tuesdays, in which I won't bore you with details, but will instead dazzle you with photos and then be on my way.

Our first installment of Taciturn Tuesdays features one of my favorite dessert fruits: the kiwi. Why is it such a great dessert fruit?

Because it's frickin' gorgeous, that's why. And because it couldn't be simpler. After reading Bon Appetit's Summer Cooking Manifesto, I've been inspired to find great dishes I can serve all summer that let me spend more time outside, enjoying my ridiculous view (see below), and less time in the kitchen, stressing out.

This is one of those great dishes. Peel and slice a couple of kiwis, and then arrange the slices on a plate. Or don't. Let the beauty of their starburst centers and bright green edges do all the work for you.

Not bad, eh?

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