September 10, 2011

She Lives!

Oh, hi there! It's...uh, well, it's been a while. Do I have an excuse? You know I always do.

My excuse is that, in the Spring, I accepted a teaching position at a boarding school up North in order to keep myself insanely, supremely, ridiculously busy while T is deployed. So here I am, up North again, and easily, easily the busiest I've ever been in my life. Could that be because, in addition to three preps and a field hockey team, I also have a monster-pup, who believes that baseboards and deer droppings are the crackers and caviar of the doggie world?

No, he's not this small anymore. But he's still RULL cute.
Yes. Yes it could.

In classic Marine Corps fashion, of course, T's deployment has now been pushed back to the upcoming Spring, so that'

Now that the school year has begun, though, and I've actually started to develop a routine that doesn't involve rushing from place to place and trying not to sweat through my teacher clothes, I might, maybe, possibly...have time to cook again.

If I don't take every meal in the dining hall, of course.

And why would I take every meal in the dining hall of a boarding school, you ask? Because this isn't just any boarding school. This is a girls' boarding school. And the ridiculously high quality of food (we're talking mango, spinach, and quinoa salad, and fair trade coffee, and organic salad dressings, and more!) is a direct result of the fact that, as far as I've ever seen, most girls won't tolerate being fed the trash that co-ed schools tend to get away with serving.

So when I do manage to avoid the allure of fancy salads and tortellini with butternut squash, I'll start cooking meals worth sharing again. Until then, I'll probably be hopped up on fair trade coffee, teaching my girls some knowledge.

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