June 25, 2009

True Life: Cooking for the Food Disabled

My friend Marge is coming into town this weekend, and she has celiac. Hey, you're thinking, isn't that the thing that babies have that makes them cry a lot? That's what I thought! (Seriously. I still sometimes call her the colic baby). It turns out, though, that celiac is a disease whose victims have an extreme intolerance to gluten, which means none of the good stuff--bread, pasta, beer, etc. Even things like soy sauce are a no-no for Marge-Marge.

So I'm trying to decide what dish I'll alter to accommodate my celiactastic friend's needs, and welcome her to the Old Dominion in style. Sure, sure, I could cook lots of things that just don't have gluten in them, but what fun would that be? That's what she has to eat all the time! Wouldn't it be more fun to alter some dish she can never eat, so that she awards me Good Hostess points and spreads the word about my culinary skillz?

I'll keep you posted on what dish I choose, but I also welcome suggestions. Of course, it would probably be most effective to ask Marge what she wants, but that would take the fun (and possibly disappointed reception) out of it!


  1. go jap.
    Shishimi etc. Grilled veggies... rice...

  2. Try soda bread!

    It has a different texture than bread with gluten, but it adds that nice weight that we often feel is missing if we don't have wheat in a meal.

    Also, way to go with this blog! Hope everything is going well on your end!