June 25, 2009

Remembering Michael Jackson Via Eating

I can't believe it. Farrah Fawcett finally gets one last moment in the spotlight, and the King of Pop has to go and steal her thunder. The entertainment industry has certainly been hit hard today.

Looking for some ways to remember MJ? How about making some Black and White cookies to commemorate his wonderful contribution to the music community? Or some Black & Tans to celebrate his interesting skin transition? Whatever you do, you have to admit that, for all his weirdness, the guy was pretty amazing. And, seriously, who wouldn't turn a little crazy having to be in the spotlight all his life?

Don't feel like cooking? You can always dance around the house to Thriller, Billie Jean, or Smooth Criminal. Just be sure to curl your hair in honor of Farrah, too. Even if it plagued her, homegirl was a looker all the way up to the end.

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