September 22, 2009

I Ate a Deep-Fried Oreo (and I liked it)

Over the weekend, I took a road trip with Claiborne, a fellow teacher, to Bristol, VA, which is a border town between Virginia and Tennessee. Our destination: Bristol Rhythm, a bluegrass-y, amazing "rhythm and roots reunion" that's in its 9th year. We saw bands like the Hogwaller Ramblers, we drank some amazing Starr Hill beer (try The Love!), and we took lots of photos of the cool, rustic people we saw.

Most importantly, we ate deep-friend Oreos. Now, we all know what festival/street food is like, and that it's best eaten only once or twice a lifetime. Claiborne and I had successfully avoided the festival food and enjoyed a delicious, locally-produced lunch at Bristol's Corner Bistro, when we stumbled upon a stand selling deep-friend Oreos.

Naturally, I made a few "Eeeeeeew" noises and wondered aloud who would ever eat that kind of trash. Claiborne's response was "YOU'VE NEVER TRIED ONE?" and I figured Hey, when in Tennessee... and decided to try it for the sake of journalistic experience (or something).

Claiborne: Evil Fried Food Pusher

Despite having gone into this experience with my best food snob intentions, I must admit that the deep-fried Oreos are alarmingly good. They taste like they've been dipped in milk...only better. Claiborne and I each tried one, and then decided that the best thing for everyone involved would be to rid ourselves of the remaining few.

While I'm alarmed by the "let's fry everything!" trend, I can no longer say that I don't understand it. Fried stuff is great...just not the best idea.

If you're interested, check out this slideshow of photos taken by me and fixed up to look real purdy by Claiborne (our school's youngest and hippest art teacher).

All in all, a great weekend. My arteries aren't so happy, but I had fun!

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