October 22, 2009

I've Created a Monster: The Perfect Sandwich

IT'S ALIIIIIIIIIIIVE! [cue woman screaming and an evil maniac laughing]

Ok, so, by alive, I really mean: now that I've made it, I can't stop dreaming about it. It. Was. That. Good.

As you may know, I grew up on Cape Cod, in a town called Falmouth (on the "arm" shape of Cape Cod, we're the armpit). Certain parts of the Cape remain very dear to me, and one of them is Box Lunch. Founded in Wellfleet (on the "arm," it's the upper forearm), Box Lunch makes overpriced wraps that are beyond delicious. They're good enough that, at one point, a friend and I spent a legitimately absurd amount of time trying to figure out how she could mail me a Box Lunch sandwich from Falmouth to Richmond.

My favorite sandwich at Box Lunch is the Californian, but I modify it (of course). The basic Californian is turkey, tomato, avocado, sprouts, and mayo. I switch out the tomato for cucumber and bacon, and presto! A perfect sandwich. The saltiness of the bacon and the crunch of the cucumber make a perfect addition to the soft avocado and sweet sprouts. I call it the Curvy Californian.

I managed to recreate this favorite of mine the other day (with two changes, for convenience's sake), and I felt the need to share the deliciousness with you, dear readers.

The Curvy Californian Sandwich (in honor of Phoebe)

  • Two slices of toasted wheat bread, or a wrap
  • One half of an avocado, sliced the long way
  • Four thin slices of cucumber
  • Two pieces of sliced chicken or turkey
  • One slice of smoked bacon, cooked
  • A small handful of sprouts
  • Mayo to taste
1. Add your desired amount of mayo to both slices of toast, and then add your sliced cucumber and avocado. Press the avocado into the bread a little, so that it sticks.

2. On top of the cucumbers, stack your bacon, chicken/turkey, and sprouts. Combine the whole sandwich, and cut in half (rectangles or diamonds, according to your preference). Enjoy!

This sandwich is filled with greens and good fats (in the avocado) to balance out the bacon. And what's most important: it tastes like home. If you're ever on the Cape, go to Box Lunch! Another favorite sandwich of theirs is the Priscilla Alden--featuring cranberry sauce and stuffing. Yum.


  1. There's no way this beats a Reuben for best sandwich ever.

  2. I'd love to deliver to North Carolina, or Minneapolis! And a Reuben is such a different beast--you can't compare!