February 26, 2010

Gross Recipe of the Week: Mac & Cheese Dog Casserole

In this installment of Gross Recipe of the Week, I'd like to introduce any of you who don't know her to Rachael Ray, potentially the most offensive chef on Food Network.

By offensive, I do not mean that she swears frequently, makes racist asides, and spits into her food. By offensive, I mean that her voice makes me want to use a cheese grater on my ears, her recipes make my arteries cry out in pain, and her over-usage of the term "EVOO" makes me want to boil down my own body fat to use as an alternative so that I can boycott anything having to do with her.

Ray's recipe for Mac & Cheese Dog Casserole is our Gross Recipe of the Week, because, welp, it's disgusting. Mac & Cheese...sure, it's tasty. Hot dogs...well, I've had an aversion to hot dogs ever since I saw Gillian McKeith on an episode of You Are What You Eat where she made fun of an overweight Indian couple who was fond of hot dogs by serving them a bun filled with pig snouts. Blech. But both of them together? Really, Rachael? You get paid millions of dollars to be a TV chef and that's the best you could come up with?

Mac & Cheese Dog Casserole falls under the category I call "kid food," not because it's a well-balanced and nutritious meal for children, but because it's chock-full of the crap that kids like to eat. The fact that Food Network was like "Yeah! Go ahead with that one!" disappoints me. It's like one step up from cafeteria food, and only because the recipe calls for beer.

No. Thanks.


  1. Strong contender for most offensive chef: Sandra Lee

    or perhaps she does not even count as a chef.

  2. UGH Sandra Lee. A Barbie Doll with a box of brownie mix. How is that a show?