February 28, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is Almost Here!

I am so, so, so ridiculously excited for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution to premiere on March 26th. As I've mentioned before, he's heading to Huntington, WV to work his Ministry of Food magic on the unhealthiest city in America.

Here's a terrifying clip that ABC has released of Oliver in a 1st grade classroom, trying to see if the students can recognize fresh vegetables:

The scariest part, for me, is when he holds up an eggplant. First, one kid calls it a pear. Next, Oliver tells them that it begins with "egg," and one kid stands up and shouts "Egg salad!" Yikes.

I don't know how much success Oliver has had, but I'm hopeful. I love that he and Michelle Obama have used their celebrity for a good cause.

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