March 23, 2010

The Ongoing Military Food Saga

So, I promised you a response to the military food issue, and here it is:

T has been really swamped and hasn't had a chance to write me a review of the frozen dinners he bought as an alternative to chow hall food, but he told me about them this weekend, so I'll do my best to summarize here.

Lean Cuisine: not great. The portions are really small, which makes sense for people trying to lose weight but isn't much help when you're running around doing pushups and obstacle courses and shooting stuff from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Kashi: OK! The taste was good and the portions seemed alright. This will probably be a good meal option to keep stockpiled in the freezer, although I'm still not crazy about the whole frozen dinner idea.

I also sent T with a container full of chili that he ate Sunday night (and loved, natch), and the rest of my Trader Joe's frozen mini chicken and beef tacos that he had for dinner last night (even though I wouldn't exactly call those "dinner"). Why did I give up my mini tacos, you ask? It'd have to be something big and important, because, let's face it, those little guys are the best part of my evening. I'll explain in my next post, but it does have to do with the D-word. That's right. Diet.

On an excellent recommendation from a reader, I'm probably going to make a batch of lasagna this weekend for T to eat all week, and will be sure to post whatever recipe I use here. Hooray! Foodies to the rescue!

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  1. use the barefoot contessa sausage lasagna recipe. its freaking redonkulous...

    we normally put in half sweet half spicy sausage