March 10, 2010

Treats to Try: Cleaning Out Your Pantry, A Bar a Day, and A Cheese Quiz

Nothing I'm about to tell you has anything to do with ostriches. I was just feeling...ostrichy today.

I'm kicking off this week's Treats to Try with a shoutout to Pinyadda, "a web application designed to make it easy to gather, customize, and share news and information from across the web." A friend of mine is on the Pinyadda team, and recommended the site to me about a month ago. It's great. It's also where I find a lot of the interesting articles and recipes that I share with you here. So say thank you by trying it. It's free, and cool, and convenient. Good? Good.

First up on the Treats to Try list is this idea from The Kitchn for making a free-form pasta casserole to help clear out your pantry. Since I have managed to stick to my Thou Shalt Not Eat Pasta portion of Lent, I obviously can't try this yet. But you should, and you should tell me how it turns out. Looks delicious.

Next, I feel that I must introduce you to Marty Wombacher. Don't know him? Well, if you live in New York, you just might run into him as he continues his quest to visit 365 bars in 365 days. You can track his progress on his blog, A Guy Walks into 365 Bars. I am a little dubious about the amount of Bud Heavys he's drinking in the photos on the site, but I guess he needs to keep it cheap if he's going to survive the year without going bankrupt.

Last, take this Serious Eats quiz called How Much Do You Know About Cheese? I was astounded to get 8 out of 8 correct, because I guessed on 6 of the 8. I won't give away the answers here, but suffice it to say that educated guesses (no, I don't mean Google) are a fantastic way to approach quizzes like this.

That's all I have for now. Since I drove all the way to Maine, I'm being rewarded with a seafood dinner at my favorite place tonight. I'll write about it tomorrow, once I've had a chance to digest the seven metric tons of scallops I plan on eating tonight.

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