May 05, 2010

Traveling Foodie in Del Mar: Poseidon

During my whirlwind trip to San Diego for a job interview (my fingers are so crossed that they're almost broken at this point), I had the luxury of being taken out to lunch and to wander around Del Mar by my wonderful Aunt D. We chose to eat at Poseidon, which is one of many beachfront restaurant that overlooks the Pacific along the shoreline in Del Mar.

We went to eat at Poseidon right after my interview, so I was a little brain dead and kind of stared out at the ocean from our seats on the patio for the first few minutes of lunch. But a cool glass of pinot grigio and a delicious Catch of the Day sandwich (mahi-mahi for me) with avocado and a "spicy remoulade" were just what I needed to bring me back to life.

Aunt D had the calamari, which was served in large, panko-breaded strips as opposed to the shriveled curls we get on the East Coast. It was totally delicious, and there was enough for both of us to have plenty.

All in all, I liked Poseidon. It wasn't revolutionary, but the waitress was wonderful and, for those of you who are single, there's a house full of lifeguards living next door who were blasting 80s music and...being off-duty lifeguards in general while we ate lunch.

Even though I was in San Diego for less than two days, I ate really well. We ordered real Mexican for dinner from my Aunt and Uncle's favorite takeout place, and I even got to eat an orange that my Aunt picked for me from her little grove of citrus trees. I managed to smuggle one back on the plane that I had at lunch today--delicious!

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