June 05, 2010

Key Lime and Frozen Watermelon Summer Cocktail

I'm not much of a cocktail person. Maybe because I was a French major, I prefer wine and champagne to beer or liquor, although I've been known to make a few exceptions (i.e. margaritas...and college, where you take what you can get).

But, faced with a really really warm evening in Virginia Beach last night, my friend C had a genius idea to freeze watermelon cubes and use them as ice cubes in drinks. The result was delicious: a Key Lime and Frozen Watermelon cocktail, perfect to beat the summer heat.

Key Lime and Frozen Watermelon Goodness
  • 3-4 frozen cubes of watermelon
  • The juice of one key lime
  • As much vodka as you can deal with (but really, one shot)
  • Club Soda to taste
  • A few cubes of real ice
All you need to do is freeze the watermelon ahead of time, and you've got a great flavor boost for any cocktail, really. It worked really well with the key lime and vodka soda, though, because it sucked in just a little bit of the vodka and the lime juice and made for perfect bites of drunken watermelon.

This is also a great way to use up leftover watermelon, since there always seems to be so much of it once people have had their first go at it in a fruit salad or as dessert.



  1. This is delightful, especially since I have a ton of leftover watermelon to deal with. That C sounds mighty clever.

  2. freezing watermelon is genius! thanks for the inspiration!