December 09, 2010

Kitchen Fail: Cranberry Olive Oil Cake

This Kitchen Fail wasn't even close to as catastrophic as the turkey stock debacle, but I still thought I'd share. Mostly so I can post pretty pictures. Sometimes I'm just that simple.

I found this recipe for olive oil cake with red grapes in a recent issue of Martha Stewart Living that I was reading at the doctor's office (and by the doctor's office, I mean my home, because I secretly LOVE MARTHA), and set it aside as a "to try" recipe for one of those long, dreary afternoons that are the hallmark of EXTREME HOUSEWIFERY.

I decided to switch out the red grapes for some cranberries that were about to die (they'd been in the fridge since Thanksgiving), and was excited to try my first olive oil cake (I'm not a big cake baker because I find them intimidating, and somehow the "olive oil" in the title made it feel like less of a project).

Things started out well, and I had a lovely time watching my little cake rise. But when the timer beeped, the center of the cake was still a little jiggly (now that is a word I hate). I should probably mention now that I used a dish that (as you can see) was decidedly not the square 8x8 pan called for in the recipe, and may have been (by which I mean certainly was) the culprit.

I let the cake bake for a little bit longer, and then let it cool for about 30 minutes, hoping that it would somehow magically set and be the best cake ever.

As the above might suggest, the cake turned out tasting delicious. The texture, however, was questionable. At the edges, this cake had the wonderfully moist but firm consistency that a cake should have, but the middle was closer to loosely scrambled eggs.

Ho hum. There's nothing like a Kitchen Fail to really check your ego.

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