July 12, 2011

Taciturn Tuesdays: Make Your Own Pizza

Because we live in the type of island-town where there's one grocery store for every twelve bike rental places, a large pizza costs more than a brick of gold. Not really. But it's expensive.

We used to pay the eleventy-billion dollars it took to have an under-cooked, over-greasy pizza delivered to our house.

Which was stupid, because it's so easy to make pizza at home.

Make the dough (I use Jim Lahey's pizza dough recipe). This step usually consists of stirring flour, yeast, sugar, salt, and water together for about twenty seconds, and then ignoring it...

...for like two hours. Any recipe that calls for leaving the ingredients alone for the length of two Dog Whisperers (yes, I measure my time in Cesar Millan-sized installments) is fine by me.

Then, stretch the dough on a baking sheet. Don't even worry about the whole "circle" thing. Why? Because circles and blobs taste the same. It's science.

Put stuff on the dough. Like barbecue sauce.

Or pesto.

Then, put more stuff on the dough. Here, we have the slightly random but completely delicious combination of barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese, roasted sweet potatoes, and kielbasa.

You could also go the pesto, mozzarella, and grape tomato route.

Then, bake the pizzas in a really hot (as hot as it'll go) oven for about ten minutes. It's. Just. So. Easy. (Tip: in order to avoid a greasy pizza, cook the kielbasa ahead of time...lesson learned.)

Then, you eat the pizza. All of it. Even though the leftovers are probably great, T and I never manage to have any.

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  1. I like to proof mine for six minutes with the sauce smeared around and just a light dust of cheese. Poke down any bubbles and then load it up and give it 8-10 more. It helps make the crust on the bottom firm and "crusty" rather than soggy.