June 08, 2013

Pleasant Peasant: Horiatiki Salad All Summer Long

It's humid. You're hot. Turning on the stove feels offensive and inappropriate. And it is.

So what do you do for dinner? Embrace your inner peasant and make a Horiatiki Salad (Horiatiki means "peasant," or "peasant-like," just so we're clear). It's ridiculously easy and fast, and is crunchy enough to satisfy that inner craving for chips that, let's be honest, we all carry around with us.

Horiatiki Salad

  •  One cucumber, chopped
  • One red pepper, chopped
  • One cup of kalamata olives
  • One cup of crumbled feta (use sheep's milk feta--it's worth it)
  • One tomato or one cup of cherry tomatoes, chopped
Combine all of the ingredients in a large mixing bowl, and toss with high quality olive oil and a dash of red wine vinegar. Full disclosure: I omitted the raw onions that are traditionally included in a Horiatiki Salad. Sorry, not sorry.

The good thing is that, given the season, these ingredients will shine on their own. No need to douse them in dressing or worry about grainy tomatoes--enjoy your produce while you can!

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