May 15, 2013

Healthy "Chips and Dip" Won't Ruin Your Bikini Body

The weather is nice. You want to take a bowl of chips and dip and sit on a chaise longue somewhere and eat and eat and maybe drink some cold Sauvignon Blanc. But then you also want to hit the beach pretty soon.

What to do? Make "chips and dip" with fruit and yogurt and mow down without having a panic attack and trying on all your bathing suits in front of the mirror while the dog watches you, perplexed. No, I have never done this.

I know--it's not really chips and dip. This is the type of thing moms pull on their kids all the time, expecting the kids to be psyched. And the kids make a pouty face and remember how great it is at Billy's house where a Dorito fountain flows from the cupboards and there are orange "cheese" fingerprints all over the remote. But it's still pretty satisfying, and it's a hell of a lot better for you if you need a snack while you lounge.

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