October 13, 2009

Recipe from Afar: Valentine Crostini

I received this recipe in an e-mail from my father, whose culinary creations I've been craving ever since he moved to Minneapolis. I'm headed out there for Christmas this year, and I can't wait to try this!

Valentine Crostini
(named for family, not for the holiday)

  • Kalamata olive loaf. Use a dense wheaty bread with plenty of olive pieces.
  • Garlic and herb chevre, or any herbed creamy cheese at room temperature.
  • Fig jam
  • A fresh tomato

1. Set the amounts based on how many you’re serving according to the following rule: Two or three half slices per person should be enough.

2. Slice the bread into ½” slices and toast.

3. As the toast comes out of the toaster, spread the room temperature chevre on them, as generously as you like.

4. Apply a modest amount, perhaps one teaspoon per slice of bread, of fig jam spread across the chevre.

5. Slice your tomato thinly, just thick enough so it won’t tear apart when you remove the seeds. Remove those seeds, and cut each slice in half along the diameter. (You need a slice for each piece of bread.)

6. Place the two halves of tomato slice on each slice of toast, side by side. Cut the toast in half so you have two pieces, each with a cheesy figgy tomato layer on top.

7. Place these in a broiler compatible dish or pan and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.

8. Place under the broiler long enough to get the tomato hot and the cheese to bubble, not long enough to brown either.

Serve while warm.

I always welcome recipes from readers (family, friends, or strangers!), and would love to hear feedback from anyone who tries this recipe for Valentine Crostini. As soon as I can find some fig jam, I'm making it myself!

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