March 24, 2013

Greek Nachos: It's Almost Easter?

Was my title a bit of a reach? Yes.

Anyway. Lamb burgers are great. But there comes a time when you want to do something else with the ground lamb you bought, and you're not in the mood for moussaka.

Enter Greek Nachos: the most delicious thing you've never made. Take classic Greek flavors--olives, feta, tomatoes, lamb, and dill, and broil them over some tortilla chips for, like, five minutes. If you're anything like me, you and your husband (or other special person) will stand over the kitchen counter and eat a whole tray of them without pausing to speak to each other or, I don't know...breathe.

To start, gather your ingredients: one pound of cooked ground lamb, one cup of chopped cherry tomatoes, one cup of crumbled feta cheese, one half cup of chopped kalamata olives, and a quarter cup of chopped fresh dill. You can also add artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, spinach, peppers--anything that sounds good to you.

Turn your broiler on and let it heat up while you assemble your nachos. Begin by arranging one layer of tortilla or pita chips on a baking sheet.

Distribute the toppings evenly over the first layer, omitting the dill. Think about creating a balanced blend of flavors with each chip.

Build as many layers as you like (with the quantities listed above, I built two).

Broil the nachos for 5-6 minutes, keeping an eye on them so the chips don't scorch too much. You're aiming for lightly browned feta, but don't expect it to melt.

Sprinkle the fresh dill over the whole thing and serve immediately. These nachos are delicious at any temperature, but are best when they're hot.

Go ahead. Eat appetizers for dinner.

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